What is the best way to consume collagen?

Do you know why collagen replacement is indicated for people over 25?

Collagen is critical to your beauty and youth. It acts in the prevention of aging of the skin, hair and nails, in addition to the health of bones, muscles and even the lungs and heart.1

However, the loss of collagen in the body starts around age 25. After age 40, the human body can lose about 1% per year, and by age 80, collagen production in the body in general can decrease by 75% compared to that of young adults.2

So, it makes perfect sense to replace collagen as soon as possible, always in hydrolyzed form, preventing this loss or recovering as much as possible the damage caused by accelerated aging.


But how to consume collagen?

The best way to consume hydrolyzed collagen is to include it normally in your daily life, in the most natural and pleasant way in your routine.

Vital Proteins® hydrolyzed collagen dissolves easily in hot or cold drinks, from juices and shakes to good coffee, as well as being used to prepare various recipes with a neutral flavor or, if you prefer, in options with flavors such as matcha and dark chocolate blackberry.


What is the best time to take collagen?

There is great flexibility in schedules, as hydrolyzed collagen can be consumed at any time of the day. Thus, it is easy to integrate its consumption into your normal routine and this is very important, because to obtain the expected results, such as preventing accelerated aging and improving joint health, it is important that it is consumed daily.3


What is the ideal dosage?

The amount of collagen indicated per day is at least 10g, however, this can vary according to factors such as age, weight and even the daily routine of each person. That's why we created the Collagen Calculator, so you know the right amount for your lifestyle.


Are there contraindications to the use of hydrolyzed collagen?

Hydrolyzed collagen is safe and has no contraindications.5

Discover Vital Proteins® hydrolyzed collagen, the number 1 brand in the United States, made with high quality, naturally sourced ingredients. Available in flavors: neutral, matcha or dark chocolate blackberry is soluble in any hot or cold beverage and provides all the collagen your body needs with every serving. The best option for you to consume collagen in your everyday life.



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