What other body care should I follow to enhance collagen supplementation?

Did you know that skin aging and various problems such as weakening hair and nails, in addition to the health of bones, muscles and even the lungs and heart can be associated with the loss of collagen in your body?1

Collagen loss starts around age 25 and has consequences such as:1-3

  • Decreased elasticity and firmness of the skin;

  • Muscle sagging;

  • Weakness of hair and nails;

  • Reduction of bone density;

  • Cellulite increase.

Supplementation with hydrolyzed collagen

Yes, it is possible to restore lost collagen through supplementation, in a practical and tasty way in your daily life and thus prevent accelerated aging. However, it is very important to remember that there are other important care for your body and health, which even improve results and combine perfectly with hydrolyzed collagen supplementation in preventing collagen loss.


Check out these 5 tips we prepared for you:


1. Don't miss out on protein in your diet

Proteins play a key role in collagen production due to their amino acids that serve as the raw material for its production. The lack of protein in the diet makes your body use its body protein reserve, that is, your muscles and your collagen to supply this lack and perform important functions of protein, such as immunity.4 In this way, the skin, nails and hair end up being in the background, receiving less collagen.3


2. Practice physical activities regularly

The practice of physical exercises plays an important role in the maintenance of muscle mass and bone density, in addition to promoting the maintenance of body weight, especially when associated with a balanced diet.5

Science shows benefits like:5,6

  • Improved quality of life;

  • Decreased anxiety and stress;

  • Muscle strengthening;

  • Decreased muscle flaccidity;

  • Mental health.

The lack of exercise, on the other hand, can bring several risks to develop or worsen health conditions, with cardiovascular and metabolic changes. So, supplementing collagen goes hand in hand with physical activity and both go hand in hand with health and youthfulness!6


3. Take care of out-of-hours exposure to sunlight

Practice physical activities regularly

The loss of collagen in the skin causes accelerated aging because it is related to hydration, elasticity and resistance. However, the harm of inadequate exposure without protection to ultraviolet rays has already been proven, as these are cumulative and can cause changes in the skin, ranging from photoaging to some types of cancer.7

Therefore, supplementing hydrolyzed collagen and avoiding exposure to the sun's rays without adequate protection, go together for the health of your skin!


4. Avoid smoking

Did you know that smoking is one of the main causes of accelerated skin aging? Science already proves several ways in which this happens, including the reduction of blood flow to the skin, caused by nicotine and the release of free radicals that accelerates aging. A single cigarette can cause a condition that damages the skin's elastic fibers and decreases collagen synthesis for up to 90 minutes!8


5. Take Antioxidants: Vitamins C and E, plus Zinc and Manganese

In our body, there are molecules called free radicals, which in excess, cause damage to our cells, oxidizing them. Stress, pollution, inadequate nutrition and other factors are responsible for increasing the production of these free radicals that can be fought in our body by the action of antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and E, in addition to minerals such as Zinc and Manganese.9

However, when the amount of free radicals is greater than that of antioxidants, this imbalance causes cellular aging and a decrease in collagen production.

Therefore, a diet rich in antioxidants is essential for the prevention of collagen loss and the health of your cells.

Vitamin C, for example, in addition to being an antioxidant, helps in the formation of collagen, being a powerful ally to supplementation.10

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